HANI IT was established with the goal of being the premier IT solution provider in UAE and GCC. We aim to provide the latest technology to our customers with professional and honest services. Our vast range of solutions that will help better manage your business, and provide your customer with better services.

Almost anyone can implement and support IT but understanding them and how they affect your business is our specialty. We Provide…

New Server ,Desktop and Laptop PC's
Technical Support & Maintenance Contract for Network, Servers and

PC, Monitors, Projectors For Rentals
IT Consultancy and System Evaluation
E-mail & Messaging Solution
Anti-virus Solution
Fax Solution
Data Backup & Restoration
Security & Storage Solution
Internet Sharing Solution
Human Resource Solution

Connecting your organization to the Internet, and providing Internet facilities to your employees is becoming a very important business need for the growth of any company. We at HANI IT help you to take advantages of the Internet with latest technology available.

Enterprise Network Solution :
Managing your IT environment is becoming ever more complexes, and your network is considered to be the heart of your company. We provide following solutions on network

Anti Virus Solutions:
A virus is a self-replicating program spread from executables, boot records, and macros. Executable viruses modify a program to do something other than the original intent. Viruses may do little more than print an annoying sophistication, or as damaging as deleting all of the data on a disk. We provide several anti virus solution to protect your whole system against Viruses.





Computer Security

Computer security is the effort to create a secure computing platform, designed so that agents (users or programs) cannot perform actions that they are not allowed to perform, but can perform the actions that hey are allowed to. This involves specifying and implementing a security policy. The actions in question can be reduced to operations of access, modification and deletion. Computer security can be seen as a subfield of security engineering, which looks at broader security issues in addition to computer security. It is important to understand that in a secure system, the legitimate users of that system are still able to do what they should be able to do. In the case of a computer system sequestered in a vault without any means of power or communication, the term 'secure' is applied in a pejorative sense only. HANI IT provides the end to end solution to take preventive measures against network intrusion and Data modification through highly implemented ACL's and Firewalls.

Specialized Network Services
Broadband and WAN connectivity
Network Routers, Switches, VPN equipment and installation
Microsoft Server installation and configuration
Exchange Server installation and configuration
Data Storage and Backup Solutions
Network Cabling and Fiber Optics

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