Broadband router and switches installation
Internet providers claim it's "easy" to set up a new high speed internet connection in your home or office. But defective equipment, incorrectly installed filters, invalid account registration and a host of other issues can waste your valuable time and leave you disconnected and frustrated. We send a networking expert to your home or business and set things up right the first time. Most users don't realize that the provider's software is not permanently needed to access the internet. We'll show you how to bypass it for a faster, ad-free web experience. If you have a problem with an existing connection, we'll troubleshoot the issue and work with your provider to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Getting online has never been easier!

Services Included
Installation of broadband modem or router
Installation of line filters (if applicable)
Configuration of modem device
Testing of device
Installation of connectivity software (if applicable)
Communication with your Internet Service Provider, including MAC address readout and testing (if applicable)

For Existing Installations:
Testing of connection
Testing of modem device
Testing of router
Installation of connectivity software (if applicable)
Communication with your Internet Service Provider (if applicable)
Further troubleshooting as needed

Enjoy the freedom of surfing the web at high speed
Share files, music, videos, and more online
Play multi-player real-time games with thousands worldwide
Get advice on an affordable alternative internet service provider
Repair a broken connection to get you online quickly

For a new internet connection: You'll need the installation kit provided by your internet service provider. This typically includes a broadband modem, networking cable, power supply, and CD or manual. For DSL line installations, you may also have other hardware such as DSL line filters.
For an existing internet connection: We'll need access to the broadband modem and router used on your network.

Suggested Add-Ons
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Virus and Spyware Removal
Hardware Cleaning

Broadband Router and Switches Installation




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