From the top of our professional service, working for some of U.A.E’s companies at a very dynamic role just shows how far we have come across in the point of excellence and exceptional service.
Our Technical Support Engineers who posses a detailed knowledge on all aspects of networking, PCs, Severs, Internet technologies etc offers professional first and second level problem determination and fault resolution with full ownership and accountability. We undertake maintenance contract for Desk Tops, Servers, network etc. on Annual and per call basis.

Preventive maintenance would be done once in every month. This includes checking of hardware and software in all PCs, Scanning all files and folders for virus, Disk clean up and defragmenters, routine server maintenance to maintain an uptime of 99%, routine check up of all network accessories, printers, cables etc. We understand the importance of network in an organization. Hence apart from the equipments listed in the inventory list we provide the following value added services.

Support to your network and internet. Routers, Switches, Hubs, cables and other network accessories will be checked during all Preventive Maintenance Calls (1 per month). No break down calls will be charged extra. Network Accessories are not included in the coverage list. Any way these items will be repaired by the authorized service representatives of respective companies and will be billed to you in actual by HANI IT.

Preventive maintenance (1 call per month) for all PCs and Printers.
Incase of breakdown of any PC a standby PC will be provided without anyextra rental charges.
Maintenance services requested by the Customer for items not covered will be provided on a best effort basis by us at the prevailing rates and billed directly to Customer.

HANI IT will be a one-point contact for all your IT needs .Customer can avail the
advice of our consultants and engineers related to any IT decisions. Any purchase
of IT related products will be taken care of HANI IT and will be billed to the
customer in actual. In case of any purchase of new components or products the
customer shall pay advance for the same and shall be installed and configured by



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