Entering a competition aiming at winning needs well thought tactics. HANI IT empowers service innovation, with a lean and motivated organization, to provide our customers with reliability and seriousness, but, even more importantly, with the quality of relationship HANI IT adds on a 'genetic' wish to always develop new products, seeking products, seeking effective, yet new, solutions HANI IT installs structured cabling networks that can easily adapt to your organization’s changing requirements. Whether it's category 5E, category 6 or fiber optics cables, we won't just lay your cabling - we'll lay a firm foundation for your future plans

. HANI IT provide horizontal data cable, and telecommunication installation services for your company. We offer both computer and cable services, giving your project a "single source" vendor. This turn-key service insures that your networking project will be closely engineered, and save you time and money.

Category 5e or 6 cable? or perhaps Gigabit or Fiber Optics cables? HANI IT will guide you in the right direction. HANI IT only uses the highest quality cabling, connectors and components from leading manufacturers to ensure that our workmanship and your network are not compromised.

Structured cabling is simply defined as 'the entire wiring system used to transmit data, video and voice information.' And this is HANI IT’s specialist area - our full service. With this approach you'll have complete confidence in every aspect of your network infrastructure. Our forward thinking approach will ensure that your network infrastructure remains an asset well into the future. And with few satisfied customers we can confidently backup our claims!

Structured cabling is simply defined as‘the entire wiring g system used to transmit data, voice information’. andthis is HANI IT’s specialist area-our full service .With this approach you’ll have complete confidence in every aspect of your network infrastructure remains an asset well into the future. And with few satisfied customers we can confidently backup our claims!

HANI IT builds the future right into today’s networks. Never satisfied with meeting only current standard, we design and build systems fir what really matters; top performance for today and for tomorrow. By delivering on all four areas of network performance –products, design, istallation, and connectivity.

Products and design plans can deliver top performance only if they are expertly installed .Even the finest components and the sleekest design will come to nothing without proper installation .HANI IT ensures high installation standards through a highly qualified, efficient and experienced staffs.

With this vast range of high-quality products, design and installation practices HANI IT takes your network to the next dimension

Infrastructure Assessment
Small office networks typically evolve “organically”. Necessarily, network growth is driven by the pressures of business.
Our infrastructure assessment service is a workshop that reviews the requirements of the business’s IT infrastructure.
Impacts of business objectives on the office information systems are considered. What are the core business applications? Are they doing the job and can the infrastructure support it? We will audit existing hardware and software versions checking compatibilities, network configurations and network bottlenecks.

At the end of the review we will deliver a document summarizing the existing configuration including a register of hardware and software; servers’ setups and Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) settings.
Additionally, a recommendation of issue management will be made along with suggested administration procedures.

Our Advisory Service
Typically the job of selecting core business applications is the responsibility of the managers of the groups who will be using them. The issues of technical compatibility, server load management, network distribution and network solutions Dubai need to be considered by someone expert in these fields. Mytek can provide advice to ensure these questions are addressed with all technical consequences considered.





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